certified teacher of the alexander technique

Individual Lessons

julie_lemberger--6567Individual or private lessons usually take place in a teacher’s studio with a chair, massage table, and room to move. Students wear loose, comfortable clothes. The teacher observes the student perform simple everyday activities; sitting, standing, walking, bending, speaking, etc.  With gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction, she helps the student prevent unnecessary habits and learn to direct her/his body to move in a more efficient manner. These new experiences of moving with greater support and ease, not only produce feelings of lightness and length, but they offer students new choices outside of their habitual tendencies. Eventually, students make new choices on their own.

Part of the lesson is devoted to the practice of lying down fully supported on either a massage table or the floor. The teacher gently moves the student’s head and limbs in order to help release habits of fixation. Throughout the lesson the student is making conscious choices to direct his/her body. New conscious thoughts replace habitual responses and give the student a tool to become self-sufficient in applying the technique to daily life.

Most students attend lessons at least once per week. Consistency, regular practice, and attention are important ingredients in making change. Half-hour lessons are also available once a student has had some experience.

Allison is well known for her great work with college age students. But as someone who recently turned 65 and has worked with her for approximately 3 years I can say that she is equally great with individuals who are part of an older population. I have had postural problems since early adolescence and have been challenged with that for decades. It accentuates “looking old.”  By taking the Alexander Technique with Allison I have learned how to rise above ingrained habits and improve how I stand, sit, and walk. Her personal style is simply wonderful. Allison is totally non-judgmental and extraordinarily patient in her training. To me that makes all the difference in my motivation to keep making change. I cannot recommend her more highly.
—Paula, Human Resources, Columbia University