certified teacher of the alexander technique


DSC00583I have enjoyed teaching children in a variety of educational circumstances throughout the years, and I would love to expand my experience teaching children the Alexander Technique. Most children don’t feel the limitations and pain of their habitual misuse until they are older. I believe as F.M. Alexander did, that if children learned the principles of the Alexander Technique early on, they could prevent the development of faulty habits and the corresponding symptoms of back pain and other bodily ills. One of my goals as a teacher is to reach this population of young learners and help them develop the self-awareness they need to recognize the power of choice over habit.



I thought it might make you happy to know that when I came home from school at the end of the semester, my mother couldn’t stop talking about how much better I was walking and sitting!!  Moms always notice these things.  I told her it was because I took Alexander Technique this semester and now she’s all jealous and wants to take it herself.  I think about what I learned in your class all the time–at least when I remember to–which is a lot more than I thought I would! Thanks for making me so “aware.”
—Barnard Student