certified teacher of the alexander technique

Group Classes

julie_lemberger--6581Group classes are an excellent way to become acquainted with the Alexander Technique, and to see if it can help you find a solution to your particular needs. It is also a great way to see if it is something that you would like to explore more deeply with individual lessons. Even experienced students like to attend group classes as a way to re-invigorate their practice and maintain support for making change.

Many colleges and universities offer group classes. The class I taught at Barnard College was offered in the Physical Education Department. Many colleges offer it in a performing arts department. Classes may also be offered through community centers, YMCAs, local health clubs, dance studios, and various self-made venues. Those who share a common affiliation, such as a singing class or a group of co-workers, not only enjoy getting to know each other but they stimulate an ongoing practice outside of class.  If you have a group that wants a class, or you want to start a group class with a group of co-workers, please contact me to set up a class in your location.

Contact me about my Introductory Group Classes at my W. 99th Street location.

I started taking an Alexander class here at work just because I was so curious as to what it was. I can honestly say that Allison Foley and her lessons changed my life. Alexander is not only a physical technique but because it is holistic in nature, it transfers magically to the spiritual side of life.  What you learn with Allison, who is one of the finest teachers this side of the Mississippi, will “buoy” you in all aspects of your life. Allison imparts her wonderful enthusiasm to her students, and her lessons “make my week”!
—Reggie, Information Technology, Barnard College