certified teacher of the alexander technique


julie_lemberger---5The Alexander Technique helps you relinquish ingrained habits of moving and thinking.           
These habits develop early on and, because they feel right, you rely on them throughout the course of your life. Consistent attention is required to undo their persistent force. Those who wish to make real and lasting change will often commit to individual lessons on a regular basis to receive the one-on-one attention of a certified teacher. Group classes are a great way to be introduced to the technique, as well as to maintain support for ongoing practice.

Taking private Alexander Technique classes with Allison has been very helpful to me as a singer.  Through working with Allison, I realized I was working too hard physically in not only my singing, but in life. Once I became aware of my habits I was able to begin to sing with ease and be physically free. I realized the importance of taking a moment and breathing before I begin any task, not just singing.
—Roslyn, Professional Singer/Actor/Dancer

The Alexander Technique has been especially helpful to:

  • People suffering from chronic back pain
  • Performing artists

Musicians find relief from the strain of repetitive movement
Singers breathe more fully and freely
Actors discover a greater range of expression
Dancers develop grace, flexibility, and integration

  • Teachers and parents who attend to young children
  • Working professionals and anyone who sits at a desk and works on computers
  • Patients recovering from illness or surgery
  • Anyone who wants to feel better, look better, reduce stress, and improve their life

As one goes on [with Alexander lessons], new areas are opened, new possibilities are seen and then realized; one finds himself continually growing, and realizes that there is an endless process of growth initiated.
— John Dewey, American Educational Philosopher